MOD42 Apartments

3 stories | 30 units | Urban-infill | 5-day mod-set | RISE’s first project


Minneapolis, MN

Project type:

Market-rate multifamily


Developer, General Contractor, Module Manufacturer


DJR Architecture

Construction Duration:

7 months

Number of Mods:


Number of Units/Rooms:


Project status:

Completed January 2021

Minneapolis’ first modular apartment building

Mods were delivered and set in just five days

MOD42 was the first multifamily project developed, manufactured and constructed by RISE Modular, and the first modular apartment building in Minneapolis. Situated in the heart of the vibrant Standish-Ericsson neighborhood, at the intersection of East 42nd Street and 32nd Avenue South, many of its neighbors were hesitant about a modular development in their community. Some of them equated modular with mobile homes and feared the quality would reduce the value of their properties. Once neighbors learned more about volumetric modular and its many benefits, including the reduced time onsite, better quality control and — an impactful selling feature for the neighborhood — reduced waste and overall improved sustainability, the community supported the project.

MOD42 is a three-story, residential apartment building offering a mix of studio and one-bedroom layouts that feature thoughtful details and beautiful finishes for modern living. Amenities include a lounge lobby, an onsite dog-washing station, a fitness center and secure indoor bike storage.

RISE delivered and set the modules for MOD42 in just five days. Residents love the beautiful interior design and the accessibility to all that urban living has to offer.

MOD42's Modular BENEFITS

MOD42 was completed in just 7 months with mod-set completed in just five days!

The speed of MOD42’s construction meant it saved more than 10% to the project’s bottom line as compared with similarly sized projects constructed using traditional methods.

The residents love the superior quality of MOD42’s finishes as well as its great sound control.

MOD42 experienced the full sustainability benefits of modular with a more energy-efficient building due partly to a tighter building envelope. The carbon footprint of the build process was considerably less, with less waste produced in our controlled factory setting. It took only 7 months versus 12 to complete construction, so less energy was required and there was a lower level of onsite pollution. There is considerably lower noise pollution, less daily traffic and machinery, and less overall onsite activity.

Because 90% of MOD42 was completed in our manufacturing facility, jobsite incidents were non-existent.

The residents of Standish-Ericsson neighborhood had many concerns about modular construction. Once the project was completed, they couldn’t have been more thrilled. Traffic was only disrupted for one week to accommodate the mod-set crane. 

Material deliveries were substantially LESS than site-built projects​. There were fewer people onsite, meaning less traffic and pollution, less parking in the neighborhood and less noise for the neighboring senior-living residents.

“It’s the first of its kind in the Twin Cities and the first of many to come for commercial buildings."

— Christian Lawrence, Founder & CEO, RISE Modular

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