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There are several reasons to choose modular and multiple ways we can help you realize its benefits. Explore which RISE service model works for you.

Experience modular your way

A Modular Solution Sized For Your Project Needs

RISE Modular’s expertise spans the commercial real estate spectrum — from development and design to manufacturing and general contracting — so whether you need a turn-key develop/build solution, super-subcontractor services or anything in between, our fully integrated team has the experience and flexibility to partner with you based on your needs.


RISE Modular is a development-driven organization. Because we develop projects (in partnership) ourselves, we understand that your goal is to create projects that serve your tenant or hotel guest. So, we create custom-designed, -engineered buildings suited specifically to each client, project, market and site. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all parameter because one size doesn’t fit all. We can work directly with your architecture/contracting team or connect you to an experienced modular architect and build it for you. In whatever way we partner, your proforma will thank you for it!

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General Contractor

With 75 to 90 % of the project constructed offsite, we collaborate closely with you, our general contracting partner, to define scope, roles and responsibilities while mitigating risk for you and your client. As your super-subcontractor, we will ensure a seamless transition from our manufacturing facility to your jobsite — no gaps, no overlaps with clear communication between offsite and onsite personnel and inspecting jurisdictions. RISE will be onsite to oversee the mod-set, stitching and final installation of all modules, ensuring your complete satisfaction with our delivery.

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Your client wants to build using some form of offsite construction, or you think your project needs volumetric modular to proceed. Connecting with a modular manufacturer as early as possible is the best way to begin evaluating whether your project and our process are made for each other. We will work together to evaluate the site or multiple site options and create a modular fit plan. Once we’ve determined that volumetric modular is the best fit, we work closely with your team to ensure both the integrity of your design is maintained and our shared client experiences the full benefits of a volumetric modular approach.

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You’ve heard all about the benefits of RISE’s volumetric modular process, but how do you actually get a project built? The first step is to reach out to RISE Modular as early in your planning process as possible. We can be your module manufacturer, working directly with your established development/design/construction team, or we can deliver a complete turnkey solution or any combination in between. We will evaluate whether your project is a good fit for a modular process with a site evaluation, a mod fit plan, and then a conceptual estimate and timeline. Then our team will get to work with a plan to optimize all the benefits of modular for your project.