modular Process

Ride with a module on its journey from idea to plan, through the manufacturing floor, onto a truck and installed onsite and ready for occupancy.


How It All Comes Together

The volumetric modular difference is the process: the concurrent coordination of onsite and offsite activities to achieve the best results. The RISE Modular difference is how our integrated team of experts utilizes the best in technology and advanced manufacturing practices to guide you through that process and maximize your success. From development through certificate occupancy, the best real estate, design, manufacturing and construction professionals work with you to create a well-coordinated plan that incorporates the scope, sequencing and unique assembly of your modular design. The result is a high-performance, customized building delivered with exceptional quality for your tenants or guests.

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project PROCESS

Development Through Certificate of Occupancy

Manufacturing PROCESS

The A-Z of the Module

together we rise

Our Integrated Team Approach

Whether you’re a developer, general contractor or land owner, our fully integrated team has the experience and flexibility to partner with you based on what is best for your project and your organization, from the initial stages of design through certificate of occupancy.