About Us

Experience the Rise Difference.

Rise Modular is a Minneapolis-based modular construction company that builds hospitality and multi-family residential spaces. Within our state-of-the-art controlled construction environment, costs are more easily managed and timelines more easily known.

Rise Modular offers higher quality commercial modular construction for hotels, apartments, student housing, and senior housing with more opportunities to budget, customize, engineer, and design. 


Innovation, Experience, and Design

Rise Modular leverages assembly line techniques to bring distinct benefits to the construction process. Our controlled and contained environment allows us to increase speed while reducing cost and improving quality. The efficiencies built into our modular construction process allow us to provide greater sustainability and capacity to meet the high production demands of our customers. Additionally, our team brings more than 100 years of commercial modular construction experience to each of our projects.


From our manufacturing facility located in southern Minnesota, we can cost-effectively ship our products to the central U.S.


Apartment Buildings, Condominiums,
and Senior or Student Housing

Premium Hotel
and Hospitality Spaces

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