Modular can help increase housing supply if we let it

With the reduction of risk and an increase in control, modular construction has many (currently under-appreciated) benefits. The trends indicate that its is growing, which could be an opportunity for the construction industry, and our economy, to greatly benefit…if we do it right.

McKinsey Report: Modular Construction from Projects to Products

Modular construction is poised for tremendous growth in the next several years. With significant economic and environmental benefits, as well as innovation that allows developers and project managers to control costs, predict timelines, and protect their operation, modular construction offers many opportunities across multiple industries.

Modular Construction Company to Open Factory in Owatonna

Rise Modular is building out its Owatonna-based production facility, creating local jobs while supporting the national commercial construction industry.

Rise Modular Sees a Future in Modular Construction

Finance and Commerce sat down with our Founder and CEO Christian Lawrence to discuss the construction market, the benefits of modular construction, and the opportunities that we see in front of us.

Startup aims to cut apartment, hotel building costs with $20M Minnesota modular-construction factory.

Rise Modular’s Owatonna, Minnesota-based operation aims to cut apartment and hotel building costs by 5-10%, with time-savings estimates bringing that number up to 20%.

Modular Construction: A Manual for Project Managers

Managing the development of modular projects requires a different understanding of the construction industry. This manual comes from a series of conversations and consultations with various modular professionals, and it exists to assist project managers as they navigate the construction process for Type III and Type V residential projects from initial launch to final product completion.

New Reflections on Affordable Housing Design, Policy and Production

Overcoming Barriers To Bringing On-Site Construction To Scale.

Within the competitive marketplace of real estate development is the discussion over on-site versus off-site construction, with the costs, benefits, and limitations of each becoming more the focal point as margins decrease and demands change.

Modular Building Institute: Permanent Modular Building Report 2019

The Modular Building Institute communicates the trends, benefits, and challenges within the modular construction industry, helping the modular construction industry advance by advocating for increased opportunity with fewer barriers. This report focuses specifically upon permanent modular construction – such as multi-family residential housing, student housing, hotels, and senior housing.