Marriott adopts modular construction

Marriott International, the largest hotel company in the world, is betting big on modular construction to drive its growth in North America.

Inside CitizenM’s New York Flagship, The World’s Tallest Modular Hotel

Amsterdam-based “affordable luxury” hotel chain citizenM is set to expand significantly in North America, revealing plans to build a dozen more hotels in the U.S. by 2020.

How to build a 26-story hotel in 3 months

Hotels turning to prefab, modular construction for faster builds

Modular building growing in popularity in housing-starved Boston area

At one end of a football-field-size plant 40 miles north of the Maine border, workers lay out boards and cover them with plywood to make a floor. At the other end, an 800-square-foot apartment — bathroom fixtures and all — is swaddled in protective wrapping and rolled out to the parking lot.

New York’s modular building revolution is here

New York’s modular dream is, albeit in fit and starts, coming true. The increasingly popular process of modular construction involves fabricating structural components — a k a modules — in a factory, then transporting them to the construction site to later stack and assemble.

Sterling Bay plans affordable housing on more than 100 vacant lots in Chicago, using modular construction

Sterling Bay plans to build affordable housing on more than 100 vacant lots on Chicago’s South and West sides, as the developer known for larger and glitzier projects takes a crack at Chicago’s affordable housing shortage.

The beauty and affordability of modular living

The modular home has quickly become the new, albeit humble, poster child for quick, affordable housing and off-the-grid living. It also offers immediate housing to disaster-struck communities and may be a solution for the homeless in Los Angeles.

Piece by Piece, a Factory-Made Answer for a Housing Squeeze

Developers are taking on residential building challenges by extending the concept of prefabricated housing to manufacture entire apartment buildings.

Permanent Modular Construction: Process, Practice, Performance

This research studies off-site modular production processes using case studies in international permanent modular construction